Thu 28 Mar 2024 Freddie Hill

Staff Recall Defected Croatia Highlights

The eighth edition of our flagship European festival, Defected Croatia returns from 01 – 04 August, promising the very best DJs, performers and house music from across the spectrum sountracking a wide range of summer festival offerings.

General sale opens today. Thursday 28th March at 6pm (GMT)... what will you experience at our Croatian festival in Tisno!

Head of Digital – Glitterbox Recordings

“I remember the week in general being probably one of the best weeks of my life...

I’m Katie Goodman. I'm Head of Digital for Glitterbox Recordings. I'm also signed to the Colluded Talent Agency Label. My favourite moment of Croatia… there's a lot to choose from. I've been there working it for six years, but one that really sticks out is before I started working for the festival. I went as a fan to the very first one in 2016. must have only been about a thousand of us there. I was a huge fan of the label and the DJ’s.

A particular memory from that year was when the festival had finished and obviously emotions are all very very high, I was on the coach and we were sharing the coach with a lot of the staff members. Simon wanted to come on to collect the staff, to do a staff photo. He came on the coach and he said, “Can I get all the staff off? I want to do a staff photo outside.” And I stood up and I said, “Well, I'm not this year, but I will be next year.”

And the next year I did, I rocked up and I came back as staff.”

Head of Radio and Club Promotions

“I'm Lois, and I am Head of Radio and Promotions at Defected. I’m three Croatia’s in, fourth this year. Can’t wait. A memory that really came to me, that was just an unreal moment, was Barbarella’s which is my favourite club. It is amazing.

Dan Shake was closing, and he closed with ‘Most Precious Love’, and the sun was rising. It was just beautiful scenes. I did not want to go home. Under that disco ball, urgh, so good. I can't wait for Croatia 2024. It is the best vibes. Bring it on.”

A&R and Publishing Assistant

“My name is Millie Watts, and I work in an A&R. So a memory that sticks out for me was definitely making my debut on The Remedy Project. It was my first time in Tisno, first time at Defected Croatia,first time debuting on The Remedy stage, it was all very new to me…

I was just completely eye opened by the amount of music that got played, it was such a variation. We also had a mix of DJ led and live stuff. The Remedy stage especially really kind of dives into that variation because it’s genreless really, and it's quite nice to have that balance, especially when you're listening to electronic music all the time at a festival, you kind of need that downtime.

Tickets for Defected Croatia 2024 are on sale Thursday 28th March from 6pm.

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