Wed 24 Apr 2024 Freddie Hill

5 On-Site Activites At Our Croatia Festival

The eighth edition of Defected Croatia is taking place from 01-04 August 2024. Follow the links above for tickets and info.

With so many amazing acts (check the full line-up) heading to the festival you may want to check out our off-site guide - detailing the wonders of Tisno and the surrounding area.

But there’s no need to leave with the festival site providing everything you need for an incredible festival. Read for festival inspiration, all on-site…

1. Unwind at Smokin' Joga

A staple at our Croatia Festival for many years, join the internationally acclaimed DJ Smokin’ Jo for a Dynamic Vinyasa Flow class, combining uplifting deep house music, old school rave vibes and the downward facing dog.

Smokin’ Jo is a qualified Yoga instructor on top of being the only female to ever win DJ Mags No #1 DJ of the Year Award. The distinctive concept is a festival favourite each year, offering a calm parallel to the Croatian clubbing!

2. Watch the sunrise at Barbarella’s

The open-air dancefloor at Barbarella’s stays open the latest of all our stages, allowing you to watch the ethereal sunrise with your fellow party-goers each and every night.

“It’s crazy because you can make friends with everyone on the dancefloor after being together so long, and new friendships are definitely a festival highlight. I’ve met so many of my actual current friends watching the sunrise at Barbarella’s!”Phoebe Spencer, Defected Croatia 2023 Attendee

Reach one of the world’s most exceptional nightclubs, Barbarella's, via a short ride on a shuttle bus, taxi, or water taxi from the main site.

3. Party on a boat

Of course, no trip to Defected Croatia would be complete without one of our legendary boat parties! The ever-popular festival add-ons are a fan favourite because of their intimate nature.

With only a select few fans having the luxury of joining the DJ onboard, you form an instant connection with each other, as well as the A list house legend providing the tunes!

Together, on the Adriatic waters, you can experience the best kind of lock-in - watch people arrive strangers and leave friends with Defected Croatia.

4. Enjoy the on-site beach

People famously love chilling, and The Garden Resort in Tisno is the perfect place to do so. There is a beach on site, pictured above, plenty big enough for all to enjoy throughout the day!

As you swim in the cool waters or chill on the coast, hear the music in the distance pulling you towards the dancefloor for another night of revelry in the summer heat.

5. Recharge and replenish

All these activities and more might leave you hungry, thirsty and absolutely shattered. Luckily there are plentiful bars and food stalls dotted around offering food and beveraginos, with many options for the party-goer on the go. There is also an on-site restaurant, offering shade and finer dining options.

From burgers and pizzas to gyozas and steak, vegetarian and vegan options too, Defected Croatia has you covered with a range of options.

We also highly recommend taking time away from the festival to experience the local cuisine, some food suggestions can be found in our off-site guide.

Tickets for Defected Croatia 2024 are available now, follow the links above for more info and prices.

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